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LPC2148 Embedded Board


The EM04 Embedded development board is exclusively used for ARM based embedded system applications. It resembles the LPC2148 (ARM 7 core) microcontroller. It is the perfect platform to learn the basic & advanced concepts of the ARM processor easily. The board is having multiple onboard peripherals as per advanced educational institution requirements. The board has 32 shared GPIO pins for easy expansion. The expansion ports can be used for connecting daughter boards and also can be used for custom made design.

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Additional Info

  • SKU Number: EM-04
  • Specification:
    LPC 2148
    12 MHz Crystel
    4 Push Button
    8 Slide Switches
  • Kit Contents:
    Development Kit
    System CD/DVD
    USB Cable
    Power Adapter
    16*2 LCD Display

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