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PIC 16F877A

The immensely popular PIC development board for the PIC16F877A enables easy development and testing of various solutions of PIC projects. Microchip’s powerful PIC 16F877A .It is used to develop the exciting PIC real-time applications. It is Ideal as a home controller, the RS232 connection can connect directly to a computer for monitoring and sending various commands to the system. The on-board clock allows time based commands and the integral EEPROM allows for easy data storage. All of the features make this board as the ideal for more advanced level A/D applications in automation, industrial appliances and consumer applications.

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Additional Info

  • SKU Number: EM05
  • Specification:
    Microchip: PIC 16F877A chip is used
    Power up provisions :USB cable & 7.5 adaptor
    Operating voltage 5V
    ON/OFF switch
    Reset switch
    Switches for selecting programming mode(USB or Serial)
    Supportable to USB programming and serial programming
    RS232 serial port for serial communication and programming
    Universal standard 40 pin GPIO connector
    IO pins are connected to GPIO connector for external interface
    Provision to operate the four channels of ADC and pins are available for operate the another four channels
    Potentiometers for Analog input & LCD contrast adjustment
    On board Input Output Devices
    Eight slide switches
    Three push buttons
    Eight LEDs
    Four seven segment displays
    16x2 characters LCD module

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