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The Embedded development board provides the stable and cost-effective platforms for building powerful embedded applications. It works on the two mode of operation (USB and Serial). It has the special features of onboard Input Output peripherals. It acts as target board for other interface boards also. It is used to learn and implement the 8051 projects in trouble free-way.

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Additional Info

  • SKU Number: EM03
  • Specification:
    Philips:P89V51RD2 controller
    Power up provisions :USB cable & 7.5 adaptor
    Operating voltage 5V
    Manual and Power on reset
    In system programming
    Power switch
    Reset switch
    Crystal frequency 11.0592 MHz
    Supportable to USB programming
    RS232 serial port for serial communication
    Universal standard 40 pin GPIO connector
    IO pins are connected to GPIO connector for external interface
    Eight slide switches
  • Kit Contents:
    Development Kit
    System CD/DVD
    USB Cable
    Power Adapter
    16*2 LCD Display

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