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            The ADC 0809 interface board is designed to explain the analog to digital conversion using ADC 0809 chip .This interface card is compatible to interface with Embedded, FPGA development boards and sensors to be used in real time projects also. Stand alone working mode is the special feature of this card. The ADC 0809 interface card is a perfect platform for learning about the basic concepts of ADC operation.

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  • SKU Number: ADC II
  • Features:
    ADC 0809 chip is used
    Eight Data LEDs and Three channel selection LEDs
    Three Slide switches for channel selection
    Four Seven segment display
    20x4 LCD interfacing
    Potentiometers for Analog input and Reference voltage to ADC
    Connectors for interfacing external analog inputs to ADC chip
    Compatible to work at free running mode(Stand alone mode)
    40 pin GPIO connector
    Compatible to work with Embedded and FPGA boards
    It can be work in programming and in stand-alone mode.

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