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The Sensor Interface Card has designed to study the operations of sensors such as photo diode, LDR, Thermistor, LM35 and IR sensors. All the sensors can be interfaced simultaneously through the multi-channel ADC 0809. The outputs can be viewed using LED, 20x4 LCD and Seven segment displays. This interface card is compatible to interface with Embedded, FPGA development boards through standard 40 pin GPIO connectors.

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  • SKU Number: SIC I
  • Features:
    Light sensors such as Photodiode and LDR to detect light.
    Temperature sensors Thermistor & LM35 to calculate thetemperature
    Distance sensor to measure the distance ofthe object.
    It can be work as stand-alone mode and in programming mode.
    On board 8 channelADC 0809
    On board input /output devices
    20X4Dot matrix LCDto display output
    Eight LEDs to display output
    Eight slide switches for giving inputs to target boards
    Seven segment for displaying the output.

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