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The I2C interface card - I has designed to interface a DS1307 Real-time Clock device and AT24C256 EEPROM using I2C protocol. The board is having 16x2 LCD to display seconds, minutes, hours, day, month and year and it also have 7 segment display to display the time. By using the push button switches one can easily edit and set the time, date and alarm. It has been designed with standard 40 pin GPIO connector to interface with different target boards.

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Additional Info

  • SKU Number: I2C II
  • Features:
    Onboard RTC - DS1307
    Onboard EEPROM - AT24C256
    16x2 LCD
    7 Segment Display
    Push button for clock setting
    Buzzer for alarm
    Onboard Battery Backup
    40 Pin standard GPIO Interface

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