Rudra ARM7 Development board is a perfect platform to evaluate the capabilities of NXP LPC2148 microcontroller. The board has been designed using advanced SMD components and high quality multilayer PCB. Rudra ARM7 Development board is a combination of Rudra Main board (RA-01) and Rudra Add-on board (RA02). The board offers rich set of peripherals to perform advanced embedded applications.

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  • SKU Number: RA01 & RA02
  • Specification:
    NXP(Philips) :LPC2148 ARM7 processor
    Power up provisions :USB cable & 7.5 adaptor
    Operating voltages of board 5V & chip 3.3V
    USB programming
    Manual and Power on reset
    Crystal frequency 12 Mhz
    3.3V CMOS battery connecting point
    32.768 KHz Crystal oscillator for RTC
    RS232 serial port for serial communication
    VGA Interfacing
    USB device Interfacing
    Provisions for on-chip ADC & DAC interface
    Provisions for JTAG Interface
    Potentiometer for ADC input & LCD contrast adjustment
    Standard two 40 pin GPIO connector
    I/O pins are connected to GPIO connector for external interface
    Eight slide switches
    3 x 3 Keypad Matrix interface
    16x2 LCD Interface
    Four 7 Segment Display Interf
    5V Solid State Relay Interface
    Buzzer Interface
    PS/2 Interface
    SD / Micro SD Interface
    Onboard Stereo jack for audio interface

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